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Maximize Load Containment. Minimize Total Costs.

Products that break during the wrapping and shipping process lead to lower customer satisfaction, lost revenue and even lost lives. But what’s causing these issues? Is it your stretch film? Equipment or settings? The wrapping or palletization process? Something else?

Veritiv helps your team uncover the root cause of the problem and implement solutions. With our Secure Wrap Analysis, you can maximize safety and savings by blending the right materials, the right equipment and the right standards.

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4 Simple Steps to Savings and Safety


existing palletization processes

Our load containment experts will begin by assessing opportunities to improve containment and savings.

During a visit to your facility, we will analyze your existing pallet configuration, stretch film performance and costs, equipment settings and standards.


To reduce risk and increase confidence, our team tests proposed improvements before implementation.

This could include testing new stretch films, adjusting wrapper settings, fixing service issues and more to ensure performance and maximize containment.



potential improvements

With findings in hand, we collaborate with our logistics experts and packaging specialists for thorough analysis.

Your Veritiv representative will share a Secure Wrap Analysis Report, which will include your audit results, our recommendations, and expected savings and improvements.

new solutions

If new products or equipment are ordered, we’ll be there when the shipment arrives to run the film, re-optimize your stretch wrappers and set you up for shipping success.

Your Veritiv representative is available for hands-on assistance and ongoing support to maintain performance improvements and ensure savings.

Lab-Tested, Expert-Approved

Veritiv’s trained load containment and stretch wrap experts begin their Secure Wrap Analysis by visiting your facility for an on-site evaluation. For more in-depth analysis, they can bring your stretch wrap to our Secure Wrap Testing Center to further inspect the integrity of your current film and compare better solutions.

Unwrapping Success

See how one customer lowered their film usage by 68% and saved over $150,000 per year with the help of our load containment and stretch wrap experts.


  Before After
Stretch Film Weight 22.3 Oz. 7.22 Oz.
Cost Per Load $ 1.81 $ 0.587
Pre-Stretch Ratio
Amount of stretch applied to the film prior to exiting the stretch wrapper
6% 225%
Roll Cost $ 74.88 $ 74.88
Loads Per Year 127,050 127,050
Cost Per Year $ 229,961 $ 74,578

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